Saturday, January 4, 2020

New Blog!

For the last several months, the social media platform that I’ve found most useful and I’ve been most active on has been Twitter. It’s enabled me to find likeminded authors (and people in general) and sell a few books. Twitter has encouraged me to keep creating and striving to improve.

However, in the last couple days, there’s been some discussion in the new pub circles about the ongoing relevance of blogs. I found that this coincided with a growing desire to share thoughts and discuss projects in a longer form that just isn’t possible on Twitter.

So here's my blog! Some topics:
  • The history and lore of the Cliptic, the fictional world that my books are set in.
  • Writing process, goals, and upcoming releases.
  • A deeper look into projects related to my writing. In addition to writing books, for the past few years I’ve been developing software tools for worldbuilding, writing, and publishing.
  • Book reviews.
  • Other subjects of ongoing personal learning, such as software engineering, music, math, machine learning, and Christian theology and philosophy.
In the future, I may move to a different platform. (I enjoy creating the tools I use, and I have lots of ideas about building my own blog software). But I figured I shouldn’t wait for the optimal tool to get started.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more content coming soon.

Blood-spattered snow, artifacts of subtle and terrible power, and a primeval entity lurking in a hillside cave.

My free short story Fall of Aulus is a great place to begin exploring the world of the Cliptic.

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