Uriel’s Revenge

Brian Zaks had enough on his plate: developing his skills as a spacecraft pilot and combat maneuvers specialist for Elwood’s Privateers–a small-time Martian defense company–and helping Evvie Evans, fellow privateer and his ex-lover, manage her nocturnal hallucinations of a raven-headed demon.

When Elwood’s “treasure hunting” hobby uncovered the lost secrets of an ancient cult, Brian and Evvie were thrust into the center of an interplanetary conflict between the cult’s present-day branches that threatened to upend human civilization.

Uriel’s Revenge is a sober, fantasy-tinged science fiction adventure.

...expertly paced action sci-fi with intelligence and heart with a slow-drip of tension that propels the story forward. Add likable characters and some romantic tension, and you have an excellent, different debut sci-fi novel from a writer worth your time and attention. Definitely recommended.
—Alexander Hellene, author of A Traitor to Dreams and The Last Ancestor

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The Fountain Mechanism

Driven to his wits’ end by his dysfunctional family, Arthur Wilson fled small-town Mars for seedy Earth L4. And his problems had only begun. A chance encounter brought him to an illicit ritual, but an invisible demon crashed the party, and it was coming for him!

To find peace from destructive forces, Arthur would have to recover a stolen relic of power from the depths of an abusive cult and return to Mars to face homegrown fears.

Creepy sci-fi with a fascinating plot….great protagonist. —Alexander Hellene, author of A Traitor to Dreams and The Last Ancestor

The Fountain Mechanism is a follow-up to Uriel’s Revenge. Read it now at Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

Fall of Aulus

For two and a half years after his father’s death at the hands of his relatives, Alan Arrington plotted revenge alone in the empty manor of Whelhurst estate. Then new allies appeared in the form of the Knights of Uriel–a rebellious faction of his family’s ancient religion–and they brought a dire warning.

The relic stolen by his cousin had guided the zealous forces of Junia Branch and the Esoteric Order of the Engineer to a dangerous discovery in the rings of Saturn, but their search was not over. Alan’s enemies would be returning to Whelhurst to consult with the primeval power lurking in the hillside cave. And the answers to their questions could unlock the apocalypse.

Fall of Aulus is a sober, fantasy-tinged science fiction adventure. It is a short prequel to Uriel’s Revenge.

Intriguing…a great introduction to a new story with cool characters. —Amazon reviewer

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